VAT Tax Return - Saudi VAT

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VAT Tax Return - Saudi VAT

Taxpayers will be required to file their returns to provide details of transactions related to taxable supplies and purchases. Following the submission of VAT return form, taxpayers will be asked to either pay the VAT liability or may claim back VAT refund depending on their situation. This set of activities is commonly referred to as VAT return filing.

A tax return means filing details of transactions related to a tax period.

When to File Return

Saudi Vat Return

 VAT Return

How to File Tax return

Return must be filed electronically through GAZT e-portal.

A return will include following minimum information

  • Standard rated domestic sales
  • Sales to registered customers in other GCC states
  • Zero-rated domestic sales
  • Zero-rated exports
  • Exempt sales
  • Standard rated domestic purchases
  • Imports subject to VAT paid at customs
  • Imports subject to VAT accounted for through the reverse charge mechanism
  • Zero-rated purchases
  • Exempt Purchases
  • Corrections from previous period (up to 5,000 SAR)

Any corrections from previous return (due to an error or omission) of more than 5,000 SAR, the taxpayer will need to complete a self-amendment.

Where the taxable person fails to file the VAT Return within the prescribed period, GAZT may make an assessment of the tax.


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