Saudi - How to check telephone numbers and data SIM registered with your ID

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Saudi - How to check telephone numbers and data SIM registered with your ID

With this government portal, you can find the number phone connection taken using your resident Id.

The objective of this service is

'My numbers' service allows users to know details about all telephone numbers and data SIM registered with their IDs in Telecom Service Providers systems in order for the users to monitor their numbers and ensure no SIM registered with their names without permissions. CITC is looking forward to ensuring user protection, maintain privacy, prevent misuse of user's credentials by others without permissions.

Follow this CITC link and type the ID number of the user and the mobile number registered with that ID. In case the user does not have a subscription, the user can check that by typing the ID details.

Action if you found unknown connections

In case any user found a number registered with his name without his permission or found a failure to execute an earlier request to cancel the service by the service provider, a complaint should be reported to the service provider immediately using the complaints services on CITC website choosing the appropriate service provider, complaint type, and providing the details of the SIM number being reported. If there is an objection regarding the validity of the information provided by 'My numbers' service and the complaint of the user has not been resolved by the service provider within 5 days, the user can escalate the complaint to CITC.


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