Filing return with 5% and 15% tax rates

    one year ago

Filing return with 5% and 15% tax rates

After revision of tax rates in Saudi Arabia, It is a common question among the professionals and executives that how would be revised tax filing form.

Gazt has revised the VAT filing form with effect from July 2020, all return filing from these dates need to fill additional column regarding the transitional rates (both purchases and sales)

Changes in the VAT return form and process.

Step 1

If your return includes any transitional transactions then the Yes option to be selected as below in the return. Otherwise No to be selected (Which would be the default)

Step 2

When you select the option YES additional fields will appear for 5% tax rates as shown below for purchases and sales. If it is NO selected there is no change in the form it will appear with boxes for 15% only.





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