Employee may leave his job without notice - Saudi Law

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Employee may leave his job without notice - Saudi Law

An employee may leave his job without notice in any of the following cases.


  1. If the employer fails to perform as per contractual obligation or statutory obligation.
  2. If the employer or his representative resorts to fraud with respect to the work conditions and circumstances. 
  3. If the employer assigns the worker, without his consent, to perform a work which is essentially different from the work agreed upon and in violation of provisions of Article (٦٠) of this Law.
  4. If the employer, a family member or the manager in-charge commits a violent assault or an immoral act against the worker or any of his family members.
  5. If the treatment by the employer or the manager in-charge is characterized by cruelty, injustice or insult.
  6. If there exists in the workplace a serious hazard threatening the safety or health of the worker, provided that the employer is aware thereof but fails to take measures indicating its removal.
  7. If the employer or his representative, through his actions and particularly his unjust treatment or violation of the terms of the contract, has caused the worker to appear as the party terminating the contract.

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